Basic Base Setup

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Basic Base Setup

Post by Takehitsu on Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:29 pm

Every Player in this Alliance is to build their base in a Resource specific Module. The One exception is food. IF you want troops build only one farm. In Terms Of Resources we want you to build one of each basic resource type so one Quarry one Farm one Iron Mine and One Oil Well. The Rest will be All of one type So you will either produce Oil, Stone or Iron. To get a reference on where you stand on this and where you should fit in check the -Insert Link Here-

The way this works is when you near full capacity on this resource you send it all to the BANK and when you need resources ask One of the R4's and they will make the bank send you the Appropriate Resources. In order for this to work we all must keep track of how much has been sent to the bank. Why? Because if you almost never send your excess resources in then suddenly need five million of each resource but have only donated two million oil and nothing else then you will only be liable to receive a total of Two million in Resources of whatever you need (this does involve all five resources including silver)

As for your internal base its usually a good idea to have Six Barracks Four Hospitals and Five Banks. These numbers will change as you get much larger and find a greater need for different things.

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