Protecting Your Assets

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Protecting Your Assets

Post by Takehitsu on Sun Jan 31, 2016 4:13 pm

This guide will teach you how to protect your Power and assets.

So everyone knows how painful it is to get to 2 million power and login to suddenly be 1 mil with a bunch of mails of people attacking you over and over killing all your troops, traps and sucking your resources fry. PAINFUL!!!! Here is how you prevent loosing all that without Shielding. Your only loss will be traps. We have a BANK account. It is named under the appropriate thread. The Bank is Shielded 24 hours a day. We have an appropriate log logging everything that goes in and out of the Bank. R4's and R5's All have access to the bank account you can withdraw at any time (considering theres almost always one of them online.)

Your Warehouse Building gives you a maximum limit that you can hold of each resource (NOT INCLUDING SILVER) that cannot be robbed from your base. Anything and everything above this amount you Deposit in the bank. Now take NOTE: The Tax rate is not counted if you send 200k and it is taxed and you lose 250k from your stockpile the bank receives 200k the deposit is 200k.

On The Bank Page Record your total Deposits and MAKE SURE YOU DEPOSIT YOUR SILVER IT IS NEVER SAFE. What you deposit will become credit. 1 unit = 1 credit. You can request a withdrawal of ANY resource in there up to the amount of Credit's you have accrued.

This banking protects your resources but what about your troops? The troops have a few methods. Ghost rally method. You Rally your troops against a random alliance base somewhere on the map. Once things are setup right and we have a farm alliance the idea is to rally against your own farm. Owning a farm is in short owning that account. You put your Leader in the rally and as many troops as you can. If you still have troops house them on a base that is shielded (The Bank will most likely always be full but check it) If this is done completely succesfully when you are attacked the only thing you can lose is your traps. Traps 90% of the time do more damage than they take unless the enemy comes ready for it.

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Re: Protecting Your Assets

Post by bears755 on Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:22 pm

Where is the bank


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