The first 20-30 levels with skill tier-ing

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The first 20-30 levels with skill tier-ing

Post by Takehitsu on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:11 am

As a newer player or when your commander is dead and leveling a new one there are two skill trees to note.

The first skill tree the Commander Skill tree has two sides to it. The left side is Combat oriented and the right Resources oriented. FIRST thing to know is the Alliance Store has a reset for these. However buying it from there will get costly on a smaller alliance like we are at the time being.

The left side skills make your troops more powerful they increase the offensive and defensive stats of your troops. This makes your forces more formidable in combat. The right side skills help increase the amount of hourly income, the gathering rate, movement speed and research/building speed of everything in your base so in short economic side. This is purely a personal choice on how to build this, However thanks to our Alliance Banks system. Resources should NEVER be an issue SO you should not need the right side of the tree for anything what this means. Go all left side. Only spend enough points to unlock the next skill down in the tree until you reach the bottom of the skill tree and mas out Health II then Defense II.

The Second Skill tree Is the Rebel Skill tree.

This tree has a very different approach to it. It's purpose is to boost your attacks against the rebel targets. At first my thought was more attacks equals more damage so I went the energy method. An Energy method build will make your tree is focused on giving you the opportunity to attack 6 times at once. However I have found that is not necessarily the best. I find that a damage and Attack streak method works better for me. This gives you more damage overall and the more you attack the more this is multiplied exponentially.

                                  Energy  Build      5                                                  Commander Attack Build       5
                                                    10          10                                                                            10          10
                                             0        15-30(try to max) 0                                                        15        0             15

I am not entirely sure what the max level and maximum amount of points will look like but this is what you want to build towards.

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